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  Name Status Summary
Grand Mesa Available to AST Members for license Disclosed are various wireless communication techniques such as: performing asymmetric communication of signals by using orthogonal spreading codes, dynamically allocating resources by transmitting data packets based on monitored uplink status flag (USF), re-transmitting data packets by modulating data over multiple modulation schemes (e.g., M-QAM, M-PSK etc.) etc. The inventions may be implemented as wireless communication techniques for transmitters, receivers etc.
West 74th Street Sold These inventions are generally related to wireless medical monitoring. Disclosed are techniques for monitoring health parameters using wearable devices and multiple wireless nodes. Further, disclosed are Cuff less BP monitoring devices, Mesh network stroke monitoring devices etc. The technology can be implemented in wireless health monitoring using wearable devices.
Marina Beach Sold This patent lot is generally related to data security on storage devices. First set of patents discloses techniques to authenticate a user to access a full disk encryption (FDE) key encrypted content on a storage medium where the storage medium includes multiple encrypted keys. Second set of patents describes secure digital content distribution systems (DCDS) that uses set of encryption keys to encrypt and decrypt the user data. Third set of patents discloses biometric based access to a storage device using biometric scanner and a storage engine to store users' biometric details. The technology can be implemented in data security systems as encryption key based or biometric based data access.
Las Dunas Available to AST members for license The patent in general related to electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) application. The invention explains techniques for providing interactive, real-time call tracking and resolution management in a network. A present status and a contact number of multiple members is displayed. Each member is also provided with additional options associated with call tracking and resolution. The invention can be implemented as an eCRM application.
Hudson River Available to AST members for license The portfolio is generally related to mobile software. A set of patents disclose techniques that check if a device user is following a provided navigational route and if not then device provide the user with an alternate route. Another set of patents disclose techniques to control a communication device by analyzing images in device's proximity to determine if the user device is in a position to perceive a received message.
Grand Slam Available to AST members for license. This patent is related to inventory management systems. Techniques are disclosed to control inventory resupply procedures in organizations using computerized production controllers. This technology can be implemented in logistics management systems.
Mount Royal Sold The patent is primarily related to security systems. The invention discusses about a security system that captures successive images of a scene using multiple cameras and compares each image with preceding images to identify any security based risk condition. In case of a risk condition different alarms will be sent to pre-stored addresses through different networks.
Verdi Square Sold The patents are related to graphical user interface. Disclosed are various graphical user interfaces for: displaying a list of items based on a type of user device (e.g., screen size, resolution etc.), determining and displaying a navigation route from a shopper’s location to a product's location within a retail store, displaying information on multiple windows (transparent and opaque) stacked one over other in a single screen etc. The technologies may be implemented as user interfaces for ecommerce websites etc.
Central Park Sold The inventions are generally related to online advertising. Disclosed are advertising techniques such as: embedding advertisements in web pages based on attributes (e.g., location or color of text/graphics etc.) of web pages, displaying video advertisements as screen savers when a user device is in idle state, providing advertisements based on user's browser history, etc.
Pond House Sold The lot is generally related to lighting.
Thoroughbred Sold The inventions are related to content access control for mobile devices. Every request for content access from a mobile device over a mobile communication network (e.g., GSM or CDMA) is checked and allowed/disallowed based on the mobile user's profile. The technology may be implemented as firewall or security systems.
Costa Verdi Sold The patent relates in general to smart homes. Disclosed is a home security device and its components such as: detectors for detecting smoke, fire, sound motion etc., human body sensors for detecting location of a human body within the home, alarms for indicating presence of the human body upon actuation of detectors and sensors, programmable reporters for communicating with authorities (e.g., police, fire department etc.) for rescue.
Ratri Bajar Sold The technology relates to video processing in general. Disclosed is a technique for supplying data files (video sequences) to user terminals for playback/display by performing various steps such as: deriving playback/display capacity of terminals by executing mathematical algorithms, selecting versions of requested data files that matches the playback capacity, forwarding selected version of the requested data file etc. The technology may be implemented as video processing techniques.
Kilpauk Garden Sold The technologies in this lot relate to software. 1) One set discloses user interfaces (e.g., for subscribing navigation services) and techniques such as: controlling media players based on utterances, making decisions (e.g., for medical applications) based on received information etc. 2) Another set discloses techniques such as: performing vehicular functions (e.g., navigation, voice or video calls etc.) by using mobile phones, displaying information (social contacts) on a vehicular device etc. The technologies may be implemented as collaborative software, web services, VoIP etc.
Cool Water Sold The patent is generally related to database management. Techniques are disclosed for storing data in a database in form of entities and various associations or nexuses between each pair of entities. The technology may be implemented as database management software.
Cactus Flower Sold The technologies relate to mobile advertising and communication. US8626818 discloses technique for generating contexts based on user activities for delivering advertisements. US8295862 discloses techniques for enabling communication by using SMS as communication channel. US8131217 discloses technique for determining make and model of devices connected through Bluetooth. The technologies may be implemented as mobile advertising, telecom services, etc.
Sunrise Sold The inventions relate in general to software. Data processing systems and techniques for retrieving interrelated electronic documents (e.g., emails, IMs, voicemails etc.) are disclosed, such as: identifying casual characteristics (e.g., modality used, proximate events of relevance etc.) between documents, providing visualization user communication based on user discussions etc. The inventions may be implemented as data processing software, search software etc.
Rare Insights Sold The patent relates in general to document processing. Technique for document processing is disclosed in which a document is segmented and is stored as segmented files that can be edited independently. When the document is modified by a user then its associated segmented file is automatically updated. The invention may be implemented as document processing software.
Smooth Ride Sold System and method for generating a modified web page in response to an information request from a client computer.
Knockout Technology Sold The patents relate in general to lighting systems. Disclosed are structure and components of lighting systems. US6744223 discloses components of an LED multicolor lamp having dimmer circuit, and US6942354 discloses structure of a lighting system including a housing and contact mechanism. The technologies may be implemented as lamps or lighting systems.
Mustang Sold The patent relates in general to software. Techniques for analyzing patterns (e.g., co-variations) of large volumes of data stored in a database are disclosed, such as: by grouping the objects and variables in the data into dimensions and categories, sorting the database with respect to dimensions and categories, graphically presenting the volume of data. The technology may be implemented as pattern analysis software.
Last Chance Technology Sold The patents relate in general to power circuits. US7102382 and US7500126 discloses power circuits and their components such as: logic elements, processors, registers etc. for controlling power dissipation and reducing power consumption in low power devices. US6748472 discloses a digital signal processor circuit and its components (e.g., interrupt accelerators, data memory etc.) for processing digital signal data. The technologies may be implemented as processors, power circuits for use in mobile phones, personal computers etc.
Lone Tree Hill Sold The inventions relate in general to email messaging. Disclosed are techniques for filtering spam emails by comparing addresses of received emails with stored addresses or characters in filters and storing emails with unknown addresses in a folder for user's review. Based on the user's actions (e.g., deleting, storing etc.) on repeated emails, a list having stored addresses is updated periodically. The inventions may be implemented as email clients.
Derivative Enterprises Sold The patent in this lot relates in general to image processing. Disclosed are various image processing techniques such as: compressing images based on predicted values of neighboring pixels, compensating gray-scale values of images scanned by image sensors, changing pixel values (e.g., RGB values) along a predetermined direction for adjusting parameters (e.g., hue, saturation etc.) etc. The inventions may be implemented as image processing software.
Spotted Leopard Sold The inventions relate in general to web services. A set of media items (e.g., songs) from a group of items is presented to a user for rating. Based on the user's ratings and characteristics (e.g., type of music) of the rated files, other items from the group are recommended to the user for playing (e.g., through mobile phone). The technologies may be implemented as on-line music distribution services or mobile apps.
Trifecta Technology Sold The patent is generally related to mobile apps. Data present in a mobile device is classified based on its field (e.g., ring tones, contact list etc.) and stored at a server for back-up. The data can be retrieved from the server as sequentially numbered signals by either requesting the server, or upon expiration of a predetermined time. The technology may be implemented as a mobile app or a web service.
Cold Wind Enterprises Sold The technology is generally related to mobile to mobile communication. Disclosed is a technique for enabling direct communication (e.g., without any base station or switches) between wireless devices by selecting and using RF band slots for communication. Further, the communication is performed on an encrypted channel to assure communication security. The technology may be implemented as wireless networks.
Orange-Mango Sold The inventions are generally related to vehicle tracking and positioning. Vehicle position is obtained (e.g., by using GPS) at regular time intervals for use in various applications such as: associating with vehicle trip data (e.g., speed, route taken etc.) for identifying and then graphically displaying events (e.g., accidents) associated with the vehicle on a map, or comparing the position data with area maps for determining if the vehicle has crossed that particular area. The technologies may be implemented as navigation systems or software.
Ruby Cluster Technology Sold The inventions relate in general to LEDs. Disclosed are various light sources and their structures, such as: LEDs with heat conductors positioned between diode and reflector, and light sources surrounded by layers of encapsulates and phosphor. The inventions may be implemented as light sources such as LEDs.
Pink Flamingo Sold This patent relates in general to search engines and more specifically to personalized search engines. Search results associated with a search criteria are provided on basis of their relevancy that is determined based on user's feedback (e.g. reviews, ratings, comments) on other online content. The technology can be implemented as search engines.
Blue Salamander Sold The patent relates in general to web systems and services. Keywords in the content published on a web page are identified and communicated to an associated sponsor. The sponsor then provides response or comments that are published along with the published content based on a criteria (e.g., approval by web page owner or publisher). The technology may be implemented as web services.
Red Feather Unavailable The patent is generally related to document processing. Words in an electronic document are visibly marked to indicate that they are linked to dictionary information (e.g., synonyms) which a user may refer on selection. Further, previous hyperlinks in the document are removed before attaching the dictionary information. The technology may be implemented in various electronic devices as an electronic dictionary.
Bright Sun Technologies Sold Patents in: Voice Over IP, Authentication, A/V processing and multimedia systems and Messaging
Bridge Crossing Sold Acquired from MIPS Technologies, the portfolio involves patents in semiconductor architecture.
Silent River, LLC Sold Invention in this lot disclose technology related to point-to-point data streaming system for Internet which has mediator node which controls direct transmission of data from sender to viewer nodes remotely. Technology can be used in peer-to-peer communication used in various application such as video streaming, security applications, gaming, etc.
Jefferson Valley, LLC Sold The patents disclose various services that can be provided to a subscriber of mobile, telephone, or VoIP services. The service may include forwarding of an ongoing phone call to another device, automated status notification (e.g., by using email) about a monitored project, requesting for additional services during an ongoing phone call. Further, techniques are provided for forwarding an incoming connection on a VoIP phone line to an extension, or short dialing services for VoIP.
River Works, LLC Sold The technology is generally related to computer storage and more specifically to portable storage devices. The patent discloses portable storage devices with network functionality (wired or wireless) to interact with a network. The device interfaces with any electronic appliance (e.g., computer, PDA, mobile phone etc.) and manages the access of files between the appliance (through the memory of the device) and a network host. The technology can be implemented as a portable storage device having networking functionality.
Blue Ladder, LLC Sold The portfolio is generally related to user-interface of an electronic device. The patent discloses techniques for selecting an entry from a list of entries on an electronic device. The techniques display various banks having a set of characters for the user selection. When the user selects a particular bank, the set of characters in the bank is appended to a prefix and is used to determine a current result list containing entries matching the prefix. For example, the match may be found in the first name, middle name or last name of a contact in contact list. The current result list is then displayed to the user with those entries that match the prefix being highlighted. The user can then scroll through the reduced list of entries and select an entry. The techniques can be implemented as user-interface of electronic devices.
Bent Light Technology, LLC Sold The patent is generally related to software and more specifically to search engine software. The patent discloses techniques such as a search engine for accepting natural language queries and providing direct answers. The techniques identify few concepts based on the natural language query and accordingly decide few databases (out of many structured databases) those can contain answers to the query. Further, search may be performed on various unstructured data sources for retrieving some useful information about the query. The techniques can be implemented as a search engine software.
Honeygo, LLC Sold Semiconductor
Blue Legend, LLC Sold Streaming media
Tuttle Lane, LLC Sold The inventions are generally related to data communication and more particularly to techniques for routing of data in a network. The patented disclose virtual routers, techniques for routing traffic by using virtual routers, fault-tolerant routing in virtual router systems, routing a packet for processing by an engine etc. The inventions may be useful for providers on network services and may be implemented in network management systems, or servers, etc. The portfolio also includes related foreign counterparts.
Trey Run, LLC Sold The technology is generally related to communication and more specifically to routing of communication through multiple carriers in a telecommunication network. Further, the calls may be routed by a controller based on the lowest cost carrier selection. The technology may be implemented in telecommunication service provider equipments, such as a switch.
Jenny Hill, LLC Sold Automatically temporarily enabling a displayed menu option
Pleasant View, LLC Sold Techniques for embedding additional data (e.g. text, audio, video, etc.) into digital media files or streams. Technology can be used in television, radio, mobile applications. Includes Trademark: US 75/920,259 01/01/2002 2524206 Digital Gold Trademark
Sage Technology, LLC Sold This lot relates to voice mail and telephone exchange systems, specifically disclosing a switching system that interconnects a number of telephone switching systems to a single voice mail system.
Red Fern Valley, LLC Sold Electronic apparatus comprising a display screen, and method of displaying graphics
Rooster Row, LLC Sold High-performance, server blade and computer cluster related technologies including:distributive processing, network attached storage, distributed resource management, data fail over and long-range USB
Abraham Lane, LLC Sold Method and apparatus for managing power usage in a portable device
Liberty Lane, LLC Sold Parallel processing Java VM
Tudor Empire, LLC Sold Technology for storing and referencing an application user's preferences, possibly including the use of browser cookies
Hawthorne Heights, LLC Sold Patents relating to GPS-enabled mobile phones configured to provide location based services such as wireless E-911
Lady Kensington, LLC Sold Technology for providing call muting on a conference call when noise exceeds a certain level
Stature Ventures, LLC Sold Method and apparatus for initiating telephone calls using a data network
Peripheral Vision, LLC Sold Automated capture of technical documents for electronic review and distribution
Bollinger Lane, LLC Sold System and method for automatically detecting neutral expressionless faces in digital images
Seven Circle, LLC Sold These patents cover Open Source Software, including but not limited to, operating systems, desktop applications and browsers.  
Crescent Moon, LLC Sold Numerous computer technologies including enclosure, graphics and display
Misc. microprocessor memory technologies including cache management, memory controller, memory architecture, DMA etc.
Misc. computer input technologies including keyboard, graphics tablet, mouse and GUI
Assorted direction speaker, video conferencing, and broadband television systems and methods
Assorted network related devices and methods
Audio, Video and image processing, enhancement and communications technologies
Audio, Video and image coding and decoding technologies
Methods and devices for increasing power efficiency in electronic circuitry
Various electronic circuits
Red Acre, LLC Sold Advertising markup language
Twister Investments, LLC Sold A distributed network cache system
TurnBridge Wells, LLC Sold The portfolio contains 4 US Patents related to location based mobile messaging. The system described in the patents allows a user to post messages for other persons at specific coordinate way points and to retrieve the messages when they enter or are near the coordinate way point. This pioneering portfolio, consisting of over 100 US claims, represents innovations believed by many to be fundamental to the future of mobile social networking.
Haystack Alley, LLC Sold The portfolio relates to a range of technologies such as integrated circuits, logic circuits, Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) circuits, thin film transistors, clocking, memory, semiconductor design and processing, system bus architecture, and power management.
Overland Enterprises LLC Sold The portfolio contains 1 US Patent which relates to a dynamic, self-modifying graphical user interface for use with relational or object-oriented database management systems. Users are able to search and edit the contents of a relational database as well as modify the structure of the relational database tables. Users are also able to import and export batches of data, and the interface of the system provides schematic representations of the physical locations of the relational database contents.
Full Spectrum Technologies, LLC Sold
Black Maple, LLC Sold Computer systems which monitor or scan for system configurations and automatically initiate software updates.
River Road Technologies, LLC Sold Technologies related to mobile messaging and geolocation
Meerkat Technology LLC Sold Method is practiced by web applications/sites. Method for creating an interactive web page that holds multiple objects;the objects have associated behaviors that are triggered when events occur; a behavior causes an action to occur when an event triggers. Eg.,clicking a star on a webpage to indicate importance and the star turns red.
Shiftlink, LLC Sold International telephone routing information, status, and availability network
Ringsoft, LLC Sold Bundling and moving files between storage formats