AST Members

Allied Security Trust currently has 29 members, from Europe, North America and Asia. Members are in Information Technology, Semiconductors, Consumer Electronics, Social Networking, Communications (both wired and wireless), Medical Information Systems, Lighting & LED applications, Automotive and other High Tech areas.  Some members include: ARM Limited, Avaya, Ford, Google, Honda, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Philips,  and Sony. 

AST members enjoy access to fAST-IP, the most comprehensive database of patent assets for sale in the world.  Containing over a hundred and twenty-five thousand assets, each categorized by technology and product impact, and over twenty-five thousand documents, this tool allows an operating company to quickly and efficiently triage patents for sale to determine ones which may be of interest.  Because AST puts no restrictions on the use of this information, members may source patents for their own purchase, or through a cooperative AST bid.

When a low cost defensive license is the goal, AST puts together buying consortiums.  Each member makes their own decision about whether to join and how much a defensive license is worth to them.  Licenses, once granted, are fully vested and remain with the licensee even if they leave AST.

Other benefits of AST membership include access to analytic data on litigations and reassignments, and networking events among members.

AST utilizes a tiered membership fee starting as low as $25,000 per year.  If you are an operating company and are interested in learning more about AST membership, contact us.